Still Life: … Learning to Paint… #10

Still Life #10 18 x 24 Oil on canvas

Still Life #10
18 x 24 Oil on canvas


14 Responses to “Still Life: … Learning to Paint… #10”

  1. heatherdawnfineart Says:

    I see you’ve been busy too. You’ve done a great job here. I’ve been quite occupied as well but I’ll make a point to visit more often

    • Tom Donovan Says:

      Thanks, Heather. Haven’t done any drawing or much painting since last fall, actually. Reading, mostly. About to finish a self-portrait and will post one of the pieces done with Yuri Yurov under his direction. Learned a lot in my year of study with him. Visited your site and love the bird theme. Beautiful palettes and brush work. Copied the link to the bird songs you posted. Nice…

      • heatherdawnfineart Says:

        Thank you so much for all the kind compliments Tom. I guess I am a little late in responding (sorry about that)! I’ll have to look up Yuri Yurov. I hope you get to draw and paint more often. Have a great day.

  2. moorezart Says:

    Reblogged this on From 1 Blogger 2 Another.

  3. newyorknorthfineart Says:

    Very nice!~Rita

  4. Janetteartandwords Says:

    So very lovely!

  5. Laura (Createarteveryday) Says:

    Wow, this is even better than the last, again the shine on the ceramic/metal piece there is really leaping forward for me. Love the fruit and the fabric folds, wonderful Tom.

    • Tom Donovan Says:

      Thanks, Laura. You gave me some great feedback. It is a ceramic pitcher, so I have some work to do to make that appear like ceramic. This is why I post paintings still in progress. I can see flaws or problems easier. So can you 🙂

      • Laura (Createarteveryday) Says:

        I really love it, sorry if it came off as a criticism, I just love that shine you seem to get so effortlessly! Although if it was helpful to you , then great. Have a great day, Tom.

      • Tom Donovan Says:

        As soon as I read your comment, I saw the confusion, too. It didn’t read like ceramic. I shared your comment with Yuri yesterday, and he agreed. So, your feedback was invaluable. He said, “You will fix it.” I’m working on it… : )

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