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September 15, 2016
Trinity 11x14 oil on canvas panel

Holy Trinity
11×14 acrylic on canvas panel


Plein Air: …Afternoon Shadows

October 3, 2014
"Autumn Shadows" 12 x 12 artist grade acrylic on canvas panel

“Autumn Shadows”
12 x 12 artist grade acrylic on canvas panel

Started this panel last autumn and put it aside. Just pulled it out and finished it today. Working on it reminded me how much I enjoy painting plein air… Gotta make time to get back out there!

3 Hours.

Progress not perfection.

Plein Air: ….”Trinity”

September 27, 2014
"Trinity"  9 x 12 artist grade acrylic on canvas panel

9 x 12 artist grade acrylic on canvas panel

Painted this church in early autumn last year and the panel has been hanging around waiting for me to add the clock and fix the highly stylized clouds. Decided to do the work today.

The sky that day was a deep blue. Breathtaking. And, the more I looked at the clouds, the more they brought to mind the Trinity, one God in three persons, a triad, from the Latin trinitas. So, I only added a little color with no change to the form.

Been so focused on trying to learn to paint the figure this year and learning to paint with oils, didn’t get out to do any plein air painting yet. Fall is in the air here, so will plan to get out a few times before winter arrives.

4 hours.

Progress not perfection.


Plein Air: …Sycamores, Shadows and Fall Foliage

December 28, 2013
12 x 12 artist grade acrylic on canvas panel

12 x 12 artist grade acrylic on canvas panel

This painting was started on site at a local park and finished in the basement studio.

Mature sycamore trees line both sides of an asphalt path and cast these wonderfully long shadows in the mid morning sun that day. It was the height of the fall foliage and this trio of brightly colored trees framed by a couple of the sycamores caught my attention.

Palette was Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Cad Yellow Medium, Lemon Yellow, Napthol Red, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, and Burnt Umber.

Started with a grisaille underpainting in burnt umber to establish the placement, shapes, and values.

Two hours on site and three hours in the studio amid countless hours staring at it and deciding tweaks. It has been sitting around for a few months so it needed to be finished.

On reflection, might have knocked down the chroma on a couple of the trees, but otherwise pleased with the result for my level of skill.

Expect I will be painting this tree lined path again in the future.

Progress not perfection.

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